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Diamonds Melbourne - Ellissi

Diamonds Melbourne - Ellissi are one of Melbourne's leading designers and manufacturers and suppliers of diamonds, diamond rings and engagement rings, diamond rings for all occasions.

Specialist designers of exquisite diamond engagement rings

At Ellissi we are able to supply any shape, size and colour diamond. We also make and set every diamond ring in house.

All our staff are trained jewellers, with the integrity, experience and skill, to give you the best.


At Ellissi our jewellers work directly with you in our studio workshop to design and create your  diamond ring. 

Our jewellers have been making diamond set jewellery, diamond rings and engagement rings in platinum and gold for over 45 years. 

With our wealth of knowledge and years of jewellery making.

We have gained an excellent reputation with our clients, many
of whom return to us year after year to commission new pieces.

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Visit our main website at: to see examples of our workmanship and
a huge range of rings for every occasion.


Diamonds Melbourne - Ellissi


Ian Murray



(03) 9662 1408

Diamonds Melbourne - Ellissi

Perfectly hand-crafted works of art to wear:

           Three Stone Rings
           Rings-Shoulder Diamonds
           Diamond Bands
           Coloured Stone Rings
           Fancy Colour Diamonds
           Certified Diamonds
           Pendants, Earrings & Bangles


Not all diamond certificates are the same!
It is very important to understand this, as it is fundamental to buying your diamond.
Grading terminology is now international, so we all know D ( colourless ) is the top.
However the standards used by certifying bodies can vary widely.  In effect this leads to a great deal of variation in grading and therefore pricing disparities occur.

  Comparing Diamonds

No two diamonds are the same.

The size, shape, colour and location of any inclusions, are all factors determining which clarity field a diamond has been graded. 
Often there is not a distinct difference between diamonds at the upper end of one grade and the lower end of the grade above.  When these stones are valued after being set into jewellery it can be difficult for even the trained eye to tell which grade the diamond may actually be.  This can be due to reflections of the metal surrounding the stone, for example, it could look slightly more yellow if set in a yellow gold setting.  An inclusion may be hidden under a claw or part of the metal rim around the stone (referred to as the bezel) and as such may have been valued higher (a jewellery valuer can only value what he or she can see, not what may or may not be obscured from view).



Diamonds Melbourne - Ellissi

We are located in the Manchester Unity Building in the heart of Melbourne’s Central Business District.

Please contact us for any enquiries, or to make an appointment.  We can also be contacted via email if you have a query,
or would like us to quote on any diamond / design you have seen.
Appointments can be made Monday - Saturday.


Diamonds Melbourne - Ellissi

Diamonds Melbourne

Ph: (03) 9662 1408


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